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Rehab Device rebless™ Wins Industrial Design Award

H·Robotics: Finalist for Startup World Cup Regional Competition

Rebless™, the robotic therapy device, has earned the company a spot as a finalist in the largest startup competition worldwide.

H·Robotics Announces Partnership with Oceanway FC!

As we work towards improving movement, health, and providing a better quality of life to rehab patients across the globe, we are excited to partner with an organization that is dominating soccer in Florida, the Oceanway Football Club.

Introducing rebless™ Robotic Therapy at Brooks Rehab

Brooks Rehab builds on its mission to offer a personalized experience to help empower you throughout your recovery by aligning closely with H·Robotics.

H·Robotics to exhibit at the MedTech Innovator Road Tour

The rehabilitation innovators will present rebless™, an FDA-registered robotic therapy device for both upper and lower extremities.

H·Robotics Inc. being awarded the CES Innovation Award for Health and Wellness

It is with great pleasure that we share the news of H·Robotics Inc. being awarded the CES Innovation Award for Health and Wellness

H·Robotics US Partners with Onesource Sports and Neuro Rehabilitation

H·Robotics is honored to have built a relationship with Dr. Adu and have him as a customer, even more so as a valued member of our extended team.

Harmonic Bionics Announces Partnership with H·Robotics

Harmonic Bionics, Inc. announced today that they will be partnering with Korean-based H·Robotics, Inc. to assist with the US distribution of rebless™

H·Robotics Will Showcase its rebless™ at CES 2021

H·Robotics Inc, a global provider of innovative rehabilitation solutions, will showcase its rebless™ at the upcoming all-digital CES 2021.

H·Robotics Named As CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree

H·Robotics today announced that it has been named a CES® 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree for rebless.

[ViodiTV] Tele-Physical Therapist #CES2020

H-Robotics hopes to change that with a robotic attachment, rebless, that exercises arms, ankles, and legs, allowing the patient to receive therapy at home

H Robotics develops, manufactures, and distributes state-of-the-art rehabilitation solutions, including medical robots and data-driven, telemedicine offerings for people who suffer from neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

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