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H·Robotics: Finalist for Startup World Cup Regional Competition

 H·Robotics: Finalist for Startup World Cup Regional Competition
H Robotics is sponsoring a football club

The H Robotics team is thrilled to announce that they have been selected as one of the eight finalists for the renowned Startup World Cup regional competition, which will be hosted by the Washington Technology Industry Association.

Not only are they competing, but they have also received the honor of presenting at the Pegasus Seattle regional final on August 4th. The regional winner will be moving forward and taking part in the grand finale in San Francisco in late September, where the winning startup company will receive a $1M investment prize from Pegasus Ventures.

The esteemed global competition considers applicants from over 30 countries, being the largest startup competition worldwide.

H Robotics is honored to be considered for this award for our smart rehabilitation solution, rebless™. Their innovative team developed a robotic therapy device to treat patients with impaired movement due to neurological and/or musculoskeletal disorders. rebless™ aims to change the lives of millions on a global scale and improve their quality of life.

The robotic technology is designed for the rehabilitation of the upper and lower extremities and greatly improves the recovery rate through more intense and consistent sessions. The treatment is customizable and adjustable in accordance with the patient’s recovery rate, creating an individualized therapy experience.

The use of telemedicine allows physicians to track and monitor their patients throughout their progress. Developments in Telehealth have opened the doors towards wider accessibility of healthcare, connecting physicians to patients.

Being able to partake in the Startup World Cup competition displays the ability of the H Robotics robotic devices and how they can change lives. They will continue to strive toward success and impact people with our innovative technology.

To find out more about H Robotics and rebless™, please visit

H Robotics develops, manufactures, and distributes state-of-the-art rehabilitation solutions, including medical robots and data-driven, telemedicine offerings for people who suffer from neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.

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